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  • Mike,

    Thx much.

    When I followed these directions:

    'use the MySQL "MySQL Databases" tool in cPanel to create a db and user, note the FULL names as displayed after creating them - they will be prefixed with your account shortname+"_", add the user to the db with full rights, leave the prefix alone.
    Enter those values into your config/setup screen and use localhost as the database hostname entry. "

    I'm not clear whether, on the FormTools install screen I should supply the the database name I first supplied the MySQL wizard, FormTools, or the Database name generated via the Wizard interaction with MySQL -> accountshortname_FormTools - any help greatly appreciated.

    What a nice group here. I'm not only new to hosting, but not someone who has had much experience with forums - don't know the etiquette and am always worried that I'm not posing clear questions.
    Hi Mike. Just wanted to let you know that the guys at Rochen did a marvelous job of solving my problems. I bought ybrmhost.com.au and they set up the account using this as the primary domain: they managed to create my new domain with the same username as my old reseller so that all the accounts that I had added under my reseller account are still under that user. Cool huh! Many thanks for your help. All the best, Fiona :bounce:
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