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c.smith4987 26th January 2014 03:15 AM

PHP Script Execution Times
Hi :)

I've recently cancelled my previous web hosting package with GoDaddy due to the limits placed upon editing the php.ini file when executing scripts on their standard Linux web hosting package.

I maintain a large e-commerce platform which contains well over 100,000 products and importing the data can take several hours, I need a managed Linux platform (with C-Panel interface) that allows PHP scripts to run for significant amounts of time. Basically, something that will allow me to edit my php.ini file to my desire.

Is this possible with any managed Linux package provided by Rochen?



Adam 26th January 2014 03:29 AM

Hi Craig,

Yes, that would certainly be possible with any Managed Dedicated Plan such as our MVS plan or above on our website, thank you.

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