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Hello Steve,

I apologize for the delay in reply here. We do try to monitor this forum as often as possible. Anytime that you don't hear from us right away here though, please feel free to email our team at with your questions, or even open a billing support ticket.

To answer your questions,

How long is registration for, e.g. 1 year
Domains renew annually, each year, on the one year anniversary of they day they were registered.

What is the cost of future renewals
There is never a fee for the domain registration of your primary domain, as long as your hosting plan remains active.

Can you register more than one domain, e.g. have one primary and then have domain forwarding for others
Right now you can only register a domain when purchasing a hosting plan, or when adding a new site to your existing Premium Web Hosting plan. In future we'll also provide the option to register domains independently.

While your primary domain is free, additional domains are $13.95 USD or 8.95 GBP, plus VAT where applicable.

If the domain is currently registered to say how long would the transfer process take.
This can vary. I've seen some transfer instantly within the same day, and others from the same registrar take longer. Really can't give you an exact time frame, but the average seems to be 1 to 2 days. Realistically it's possible to take five to seven days.

I would say though that if you're waiting for a transfer to complete, and the wait has exceeded four days, just open a billing support ticket and we can investigate.

After purchasing a premium plan how long does it take for someone to start using their email.
This depends on when they set up their email. Email accounts aren't automatically set up, they need to be added via cPanel. Here is a knowledge base article which outlines the steps for setting up an email account via cPanel:
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