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My review about hosting Rochen

Hi all,

Before you read my review about hosting Rochen, I want to apologize for the bad English.

If you ask me to tell you about hosting Rochen briefly, then I'll tell you: "Rochen is the best hosting for sites. Rochen are the best employees. Rochen is the best technical support."

I will try to explain why I so I think:

1. Technical support. On this point I want to stop separately. In Rochen without exaggeration the best technical support in branch. Employees of technical support Rochen are the certificated experts in the field of adjustment and a software maintenance. A part of employees of technical support Rochen are constant members Joomla Community Leadership Team - Wendy Robinson, Brad Baker. Employees Rochen permanently track latest developments in the world of development CMS. That fact can testify To it that some employees Rochen permanently take part in conferences Joomla! Days. And, probably, the most important, employees Rochen have a large supply of practical knowledge. I was convinced of it on a private experience.

I also want to tell some words about speed of the answer to requests in technical support desk Rochen. On any request, employees of technical support answer almost immediately. By my experience, time of the answer of the expert of technical support Rochen on request - from 5 minutes till 40 minutes. It is the best index in branch. On any questions, to you always kindly and qualitatively will answer in technical support. Even the complicated questions always are resolved quickly and qualitatively. All it means that in Rochen you always receive the most qualitative and actual technical support.

2. Rochen is a safe hosting. I know that many probably doubt that is truth. Probably, some people will think that it simply advertizing. No, it not so. I will try to tell to you about safety of hosting Rochen.

On hosting Rochen some layers of safety:

- In Rochen really always installed the latest and checked software. Apache, PHP, MySQL, Zend Engine, ionCube, etc. All it only the latest and stable releases. No any alpha or beta versions. All versions only the stable.

- On hosting Rochen, PHP it is run in mode CGI/FastCGI with su_php that in turn provides additional protection to sites.

- One more layer of protection of hosting Rochen is ModSecurity launched in Apache.

- On hosting Rochen, backup copies of your sites are daily conducted. I was convinced on the personal experience. For creation of backup copies reliable software R1Soft is used. You can use any backup copy of your site for the last 30 days. Rochen saves backup copies of sites for the last 30 days. I.e. you don't need to recover files on your site to address for the help in technical support. You through special service Rochen Vault have possibility to recover files of your sites. You need to select only the restore point necessary to you date and to push the button "to Recover a backup copy".
What is included in the backup created on hosting Rochen: all files (files of your sites, mail, completely all your account on Rochen), databases MySQL.

- On hosting Rochen use CentOS - a known operating system based on commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS - according to many known experts is one of the most protected.

- One more moment. All enumerated possibilities of safety are accessible to all and on all tariff plans.

FOR HELP: safety of any site depends not only on a hosting, but also from owners of sites. Always it is necessary to track that on your site there were the newest versions of extensions for CMS, scripts and so forth Hosting Rochen does life of owners of sites easier, but also owners of sites should work.

3. Speed of operation of hosting Rochen. Using a hosting from Rochen you always can be assured that your site will boot as fast as possible. Hosting Rochen is adjusted on support of the maximum productivity of dynamic sites. By my experience if you use Joomla CMS, WordPress or still any heavy applications, and search for a fast hosting, then your choice Rochen. Don't trust, try.

Rochen is the official owner of a hosting for and all Joomla official sites. Agree, whether this acknowledgement of reliability and speed of hosting Rochen?

4. Possibilities for resellers on hosting Rochen. I personally use Reseller Hosting Plan 3. I give to the clients a reliable and fast hosting using possibilities of hosting Rochen. My clients are happy, I am happy. Through Rochen you can adjust completely all in such a manner that your clients at all I do not learn that you use not the own server.

5. Stable operation with payments. To pay hosting Rochen it is safe and very easy. If you have any problems with payment, such as your credit card is not enough money, it's not a problem. Or at your bank the day off, it's also not a problem. In Rochen you will support always. To you give the whole five days for resolution of your problems with payment.

6. Cost and tariff plans.

Probably, when you read my review about hosting Rochen at you there could be a question - how many all it costs? The hosting from Rochen isn't a cheap hosting, but I think that each owner of a site for itself can find in Rochen the optimal tariff plan.

In a hosting from Rochen, tariff plans are divided into some types:

- Business Hosting ($8.95 - $24.95). In the given type tariff plans for small sites are presented. Tariff plans in the given type are ideally suited for sites of small firms and the organizations, home pages and personal blogs.
- Reseller Hosting ($25.95 - $69.95). In the given type tariff plans for sites with average loading or for sites with loading above an average are presented. Tariff plans in the given type are ideally suited for people who want to give to the clients a qualitative hosting. Also tariff plans of this type well approach for web studios. I use Reseller Hosting Plan 3.
- Managed Virtual Server (from $149.95) - the given tariff plan will approach the big sites with high loading. Very pleasant news to potential buyers of tariff plan MVS from Rochen will be that the given tariff plan completely gives all advantages Business Hosting and Reseller Hosting. It, and constant updates of the software, and control of backup copies, etc.
- Servers and Complex Solutions (from $399.95) - the given tariff plans are created for the big organizations which have sites with very big loading. These tariff plans are necessary to owners of sites for whom separate servers and special possibilities are necessary.


I not have told all about hosting Rochen, but whether has it sense? I can tell still for a long time about this really qualitative hosting, but I suggest to try simply to you. I am assured, you won't regret. - Official site Rochen Hosting

P.S. I am sorry for bad English

Best regards, Sergey (I the client of hosting Rochen since June, 2010)

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