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Looking for Joomla hosting...

We are looking to move a few eCommerce sites running Pinnacle Cart to Joomla for the front-end. We are going to tie the DBs together so you only have to login once. I was wondering if you have a hosting customer or two running a eCommerce sites using Joomla and Pinnacle Cart?

Our basic hosting requirements are...

The hoster does the Joomla install (latest stable)
Joomla upgrade (they do the upgrading on demand to the latest stable)
Dedicated IP
MUST be compatible with Pinnacle Cart
US Support (During US business hours)

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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Hi Dave,

Thank you for your post. While we have many customers who manage ecommerce sites on our servers, I cannot say for sure if any are using Pinnacle Cart specifically.

Regarding your specific requirements,

The hoster does the Joomla install (latest stable)
You would need to install Joomla yourself once your hosting plan has been activated and you've received your server/plan details in your Welcome Email. We do help to make this easier though, with tools such as our 1-click Joomla Utilities installer:

Joomla upgrade (they do the upgrading on demand to the latest stable)
You would be responsible for ensuring that your Joomla Installations, as well as any third party extensions, are upgraded at all times to the latest stable versions. That's not something that we'd manage. Again though, in our Joomla Utilities cPanel plugin you'll find an easy 1-click updater for the Joomla core script (info in the same link as above), and also a WHM Joomla Utilities plugin which would allow you to upgrade multiple installations at one time.

Dedicated IP
Dedicated IPs can be purchased for $5.50 USD each / month.

For SSL, you'd need to request that we generate a CSR for you. From there you'd purchase an SSL certificate from a provider of your choice (we do not sell them), and we would install it for you. More information can be found here:

MUST be compatible with Pinnacle Cart
Pinnacle Cart server requirements:

From looking at their server requirements, our environment should meet those needs. I'm not actually sure regarding the "OB Support", but will update you here as soon as possible to let you know. You can view our current PHP info here:

US Support (During US business hours)
Our technical support is available globally 24/7, 365 days per year via our My Rochen customer portal ticketing system:

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any additional questions.
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