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Epic Web
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Wow- Rochen speed comparison! I'm sold.

I have been a loyal customer of a certain large crocodilian hosting company for many years and had been very happy. I have several accounts at many levels. However, last week trouble started brewing. One site that I was monitoring for an SEO campaign exhibited extreme load speed issues. We're talking variations from the normal 3 secs to up to 70 secs (it's a pretty hefty site). Further testing showed that all ten sites on this particular account were having problems. Their customer service had always been impeccable, but when I began inquiring about this I was told that it must be poor Joomla optimization. 4 days later I finally was able to talk to a supervisor and he said that a customer on this shared server had been abusing resources and had been suspended. However, though somewhat better load speeds were still erratic. 2 days later, a tech finally admitted that the server I was on was old and was due to be replaced. By this time, one site in the SEO campaigned dropped from page one to oblivion because google crawled it during an extremely slow load time. I was livid and went on a rampage to find a new hosting company.

On the akeeba forums I found recommendations from Nicholas about Rochen. (btw - If you don't own his products you should! They are awesome and his support is brilliant). Honestly, I'd never heard of Rochen - but the reviews sounded impressive. After a few support Q&A's I bit the bullet and signed up. Wow. I had pretty ambitious expectations, but even at that I am still blown away. The whm and cpanel response was uncanny. I have used these tools daily for some time and was very used to the "normal" sluggish page loads. The difference was remarkable! I've only transferred one site so far, but will be moving most everything I host to Rochen. Here's some test results. This is just one test, but I have checked numerous ways and over a period of 12+ hours and the Rochen results have been rock solid whereas my previous host results have varied up and down. These results are about average for those tests. -- on previous host. Load time 3.144 second(s) (0.067 s/Kb)

Duplicate site on Load time 0.246 second(s) (0.005 s/Kb)

Exact same Joomla content. 458KB homepage size and low 80% Page Speed and Y Slow grade, so not even incredibly optimized. Yes, a 0.246 load time for 458k Joomla site! And this is just reseller shared hosting, not even a virtual or dedicated server.

I am simply... ecstatic!!! My only complaint is that I hadn't discovered Rochen years ago.

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