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Just a post to say how much I enjoy Rochen's hosting! I signed up with a reseller account in February 2010 after a painstaking search. I do freelance websites and internet campaigns, and a trouble-free, dependable fast host is needed.

Rochen Host is a completely new strata of hosting that I didn't even know existed until I went into the Joomla forums and looked for suggested hosts. Rochen is commercial-quality hosting way above the fray of commonly advertised hosts. It makes premium hosting services I have used like Network Solutions look like school children. Upper level common hosts like Lunarpages have slipped the past couple of years. Godaddy is incomplete and has an awful interface.

I do mainly CMS type sites (SilverStripe, WordPress, Drupal and a little Joomla) and a host that allocates resources for these website foundations is a must. I get 128 MB allocated to my SilverStripe installs. After many manual and Fantastico installs I've had zero issues; no weird php settings or .htaccess updates required.

Tech support is excellent, and I've needed help with DNS Zone, "A" record and "MX" record items. The technicians that reply to tickets communicate clearly, and reply in just a few minutes.

The Rochen knowledge base and community is professional and helpful.

I recommend clients to sign up with Rochen if they want to have a direct account with a host, rather than use my reselling capacity.

Sites load very fast, one site loads 5-6 times faster than when it was at Network Solutions.

The cPanel is robust, and has the resources I need. Nothing is lacking to date.

The automatic backups in the Vault is valuable. When I mess up a file, a .css file for example, I can go back and drill down and restore just that one file. i haven't asked for it yet, but I understand that with a ticket I can get a restore of a database as well.

In closing, I've been paying hosts for many years, and I am happy to have my business with Rochen. They are the best I know of.

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An update. A year has past since my post about the excellence of Rochen Hosting.

My satisfaction has grown. Rochen is the best.

This past year some clients have had sites at various well known hosts and the difference in quality is obvious. The other hosts are sloppy in some areas and Rochen is efficient in everything. Technical support is speedy and excellent.

I've helped clients establish accounts at Rochen.

Am glad that I found Rochen after several years of seeking a rock solid foundation for my web stuff.

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