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Old 12th April 2004, 11:40 PM   #1
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Took 3 days to find something Neg. about Rochen

As you can tell, I've done a lot of reading about Rochen and it sounds promising.

I am the pres. of a small hosting company which, as many here are, is fed up with the continual problems with my current host. I think I've found answers to most of my questions on this forum (thank you) or others, but there are a few that have eluded me:

1) Is there a contract for Resellor accounts? What day is the reseller service fee charged?

2) How many web sites do you currently host, on how many servers?

3) How are Virtual Servers setup at Rochen? or would I only be able to sell 'shared' accounts from a resellor account? if shared, what tools are available/inplace to allow users access to their data/config's without compromising the system/other customers data? (chroot?)

4) Do we have full root access to the account's root server?

5) Does each customer account I setup (under my reseller account) get it's own mail server, apache, MySQL/Postgres, etc. or is it a single mail server masked as the clients?

6) I currently have an IP based resellor plan, so all my customer sites have Unique IP's as part of their service agreements with me. Are additional IP's still $4.50 each with no (reasonable) limit to how many per resellor account? Can I get a discount if I get a 20 pack with the largest reseller account (plan 5) ? :-)

7) If I convert my current customers to a Name-based hosting plan, can I add an IP to their account/virtual server at some point in the future if they need SSL, or other service. that would require it - without drasticly changing their account/virtual server/etc.?

8) If I only have 1 IP (2 technically if we count DNS) on my account, can my customers still SSH into their accounts directly without accessing to the root servers ssh?

9) I would like to demo the support system before I sign up. I read that this was not allowed in a post (here) from late second quarter of last year - is this still the policy? If so, do you have screen shots or equivelent now?

10) Have you started providing Anonymous support to end users or do you suggest/support/recommind a company for this?

11) What happens if my account (with sub accounts) exceed my bandwidth on some month? what is the MB/GB overage fee?

12) I do 90% of my work through SSH because my current host's CP is trash (old ver. of Ensim), and we also make/use some custom apps (php/perl) which require it. What restrictions are there on the SSH access to reseller accounts compared to a full RH server?

13) Are there any limitations or additional charges to have subdomains (i.e. )?

14) How much control do we have over the DNS system? Can we modify records at will? How do we manipulate records (WHM vs. vi a zone file)? Can we create any kind of record, or are there limitations? Can we create and delegate subzones?

15) Does the DNS system support dynamic updates a'la

16) Do you have a Toll free support number?

17) Is it possible to sell both Windows and Linux Based account from the same Resellor account?

I apologies for dropping this basket of test questions in your lap... but I thank you for the information.
Thank you,
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Old 12th April 2004, 11:53 PM   #2
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Lucky me or you I get to reply

1) No contract, month to month billing on the anniversary of your signup date.

2) We have 10 servers at the moment... with a new one in the pipleline soon. Websites - it really depends, we have a few dedicated servers that we admin, however on the shared servers we do not oversell or allow servers to fill to such a rate that it impacts on shared sites. Feel free to ask any of our cusotmers.

3) As a reseller you can setup your own 'shared' accounts. All accoutns coem with their own cpanel (control panel) you can see a demo at As a reseller you have access to WHM, demo also available above.

4) Nope

5) Not sure of your exact question here, but it is a shared server, mail server/resources are shared.

6) We can see about this. One of the accoutning staff may be best to answer this for you.

7) No problems adding IP or SSL later. We do it all the time.

8) Yes

9) We use perbill for 'private' support and our forums for general customer support.

10) We don't provide. As a reseller that is your responsibility.

11) You can add bw by opening a ticket. No overage fee, all accounts have limits to ensure server stability etc etc.
Brad B.
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Old 13th April 2004, 12:21 AM   #3
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Just to finish off Brad's reply. he had to run out.

12. You just need to provide a valid reason.

13. nope. extra IPs - yes.

14. you can modify records at will (except for your root domain - you will need a helpdesk ticket for this).

15. I believe so.

16. no.

17. no.
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