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Concerning this recent post about Wordpress MU Domain Mapping:

I am now being called to support and develop for several Wordpress MU sites from a Rochen Reseller and it does not appear that even your Rochen Wordpress Hosting plan offers this multiple domain mapping accommodation(as it depends on a unique, dedicated IP address):

In contrast, Bluehost offers a dedicated IP address for $3.99/mo for shared hosting accounts. I have set this up myself on my personal bluehost account. See:

Is it true that the only Rochen solution for Wordpress MU with true Domain Mapping is to go with a metered cloud solution?



Hi Paul,

It looks like a user can use WPMU without dedicated IP addresses for each site.

You would only need a dedicated IP address per site if you wanted to route sites via A records, which is not necessary if you’re able to control the document root of your multisites, which our users can.

Regarding dedicated IP addresses, we are only able to provide them for SSL purposes, or with dedicated services such as our Managed Cloud Servers.

For more specifics, I'd suggest opening a technical support ticket in your MyRochen account so that our support team can assist you directly.

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