Best Customer Service Ever


Rochen Community Member
I have had my site hosted by another company for several years but they are stopping hosting and I was advised I had to move. I searched around for a new company and Rochen seemed to fit the bill. I had received terrible service with my old company (I won't name them, that serves no purpose) and was left constantly frustrated with my old Joomla 1.5 site that was proving impossible to modernise.

Enter Rochen. I tried to transfer manually but my knowledge isn't good enough. I dropped Rochen CS a line via a ticket and got not only a really helpful written reply but even a 20 minute phone call to talk me through exactly what I needed to do. I followed their instructions and the transfer went through without a hitch. I could start editing and creating my new site, on Joomla 3.6, straight away.

Since then I've also needed their help a couple more times but never have they given me less than perfect service. I am so relieved I chose the right hosting company and I would recommend Rochen to ANYONE.

Thanks Rochen and I wish you all a very happy Christmas and new year.
Rob Barron