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I sent an email to the sales email address but haven't received a message back several hours so I figured maybe posting the questions I have here would be a better idea.

I have an existing web site that I would like to transfer to your host, my question is… How can this be done? The current host I use can generate full CPanel backups but the backup file can be quite huge. The last one I downloaded is almost 800 MBs in size. Obviously transferring this amount of data isn’t an easy task, it would take some doing on my behalf. If I could upload the file somewhere that can then be used to restore from it would be great.

The reason I’m considering a transfer from my existing host is that my site seems downright slow sometimes. Yes, my site is run by WordPress but I have all of the various methods of increasing the performance of WordPress sites installed such as SuperCache that should in theory allow my web site to load pretty quickly since the pages that face the public should simply be static HTML pages but even those load slowly. If you must know, my current host is HostGator.

With all of that being said, how is server performance? How fast is the average web site? How much time does it take to load while on one of your servers? I noticed on your web site that you talk about something called “Shared Resource Pool”? What does this mean? Just how much of the server’s resources are at my web site’s disposal? How restricted in resource usage am I going to be? How many processes can be running under my domain? How much RAM? Is there even a limit? How big can MySQL databases become? How much server resources can my MySQL databases use? How much disk space and bandwidth do I get? Who are your bandwidth providers? Is Cogent one of your network providers?

I noticed something called LiteSpeed mentioned as well. Does all Apache htaccess file modifications work under LiteSpeed? I use quite a bit of MOD_Rewrite rules in my htaccess file to make many of my URLs look nicer to the end user. I need this, this is a deal breaker.

I have a number of PHP scripts that are called by programs written in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET running on desktop computers potentially all over the world, is this going to be a problem? I mainly use these scripts to trigger program update notifications and to receive program crash telemetry data when something in the program goes wrong.

Do you support SSH keys? I need support for SSH keys because I use a number of automated scripts that are written in Windows batch files that compile .NET programs, build installers and ZIP archives, and upload files using the PSFTP program included with PuTTY. The batch files completely automate the build, packaging, and upload process of my programs.

I know that I have a lot of questions. I hope that it isn’t too much of a burden.

I'll update this post with more questions as I come up with more. Or I'll just post as a reply to this thread.
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Hi Tom,

Our sales hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST, which is why a response to your email on Friday was delayed. I did send a reply Sunday the 28th though.

Unfortunately, I'm going to need to close this thread while we sort out some forum issues here.

Please feel free to email me with any follow up questions though, at [email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you,
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