Some reseller questions.

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I'm looking at getting into reseller hosting.

I'm just wondering about the front end for users who would sign up to my hosting account.

Does the client exec include front end access for users I'm not really sure how the whole things works.

Another company said they are using which gives a front end template for customers to sign up.

I don't have a problem creating sites I run 3 at the moment I'm just confused as to how the reseller hosting works... is the client exec an all in one solution?

Thanks, Paul.


Hi Paul,

ClientExec is an option that comes with our Reseller Plan 2 and above. With those plans you receive a free clientexec license, and then you would download and install the software.

Ultimately this would provide you with a login/portal area where your customers could sign in and open support tickets with you, monitor their billing and contact information, etc. Yes, you can also set up ordering via ClientExec.

More details, and a demo, can be found on the CE site here: and here:

Here is some information that we've published about how to get CE setup on your Rochen hosting Reseller 2 or above:

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
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