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I have been with a Rochen Managed Dedicated Server for a little over 15 months now and am very happy with my choice of Rochen. Prior to this I'd been with the same company for 15 years and experienced exceptional personal service from the owner but unfortunately Facebook poached him and the company that took over were terrible, I really needed to get out of there in a hurry as my 60+ clients' sites were in moral danger. Being a joomla user, I instantly thourgh of Rochen.

From the initial contact to every single support ticket I raise, I have been dealt with efficiently, honestly and even with friendship and good will. My server options were clearly explained to be at the sales stage and at no time was I pressured, mislead or treated like a dollar sign - the attitude was truly to get me into the services that fit my business model perfectly. We settled on an improved machine with some customisation above the standard and it is a great sysstem.

Having been through over a year of service, the support staff have been quick to act when needed, very helpful and I believe gone over and above the call when my technical knowledge was not great enough to meet the demands of what was happening on my network (bot/ddos attacks etc). Each time, normal service has been resumed in amazingly fast time and I have never felt like a burden. The server has never been 'down', all updated have been run when needed and any extra mods I've needed installed almost instantly when I raised the ticket.

As a predominantly Joomla user, the joomla tools have been a great help and rochen Vault has saved me on a number ofd times when I'm made a mistake.

I can thoroughly recommend Rochen (especially to joomla builders) and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship for us both.

Thanks guys.


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Is Joomla is easy as compare as the WordPress for e-commerce websites?
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