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Saw your forum post from late January. Earlier this week, Rochen implemented the Free SSL Certs feature you mentioned...
A customer on my re-seller package would like to know how to create a site offline and when it is ready then place it online. Either Joomla or hand-coded sites
Can I reinstall Joomla?

I have had my website for almost a year, learning on it on how to use it. But I have now managed to make a complete mess of it. When I installed Joomla, my website came with Joomla beginner's intro pages. I deleted those to construct my own pages on my website. Somehow I managed to delete the Home menu and now I cannot create a link for my articles to any main menu items. They just do not appear. The only thing that is left there is the login form. So I want to start out again from scratch. Do you have any idea as to whether I can reinstall Joomla and if so how do I do that?


Woe is me.
I was able to get the Joomla Site up working from my subdirectory. I am facing I believe maybe a database problem keeping me from accessing my back end of my Joomla Site, I reached out to my server administrator and I recieved the below response.

There's a AUTHENTICATION REQUIRED BOX which is indicates/ The Server says: Restricted Area.

Can you help my with that or guide me?


It sounds like you enabled password protection for that page. Just put in the correct username/password or have your developer remove that from your .htaccess file, thank you.

Has anybody else experienced this happen to them?