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  • Hi Ben, i cant enter strange error by language file (portuguese).
    Many thanks


    An error has occurred with the given operation

    Type: Warning (2)
    Description: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: stat failed for /home/my/public_html/language/portuguese.txt
    Request: GET /
    Script: home/my/public_html/classes/user.php
    Line Number: 737

    home/my/public_html/classes/user.php (737) : filemtime
    home/my/public_html/newedge/classes/NE_User.php (128) : User::loadLanguage
    home/my/public_html/newedge/classes/NE_User.php (105) : ne_user::langmodule
    home/my/public_html/newedge/classes/NE_View.php (315) : ne_user::lang
    home/my/public_html/newedge/classes/NE_Controller.php (175) : ne_view::setheadervars
    home/my/public_html/newedge/front.php (88) : ne_controller::processview
    home/my/public_html/index.php (3) : require
    Hi Ben,

    Could you direct me to a person who can answer a billing question for me? Signed up for hosting Tuesday and haven't heard much. Just wondering what the process is and the turnaround time for it.

    Thanks a bunch man.

    Have a great weekend.
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