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Is it possible to use wildcard subdomains on your Business Hosting
? http://www.rochenhost.com/business-hosting

I'd like to install Wordpress MU and let my users register their blogs in the format of userblog.mydomain.com instead of mydomain.com/userblog.

I will be happy to know about this feature before I purchase

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Unfortunately this is not possible on our Business and Reseller plans, only on our MVS and above plans.

Sorry, but thanks for dropping in to ask.


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Just to add, for anyone that runs across this thread - The wildcard subdomain is not a problem on a Business or Reseller Plan, that just requires a dedicated IP, the problem in this case is Wordpress MU which requires an httpd.conf modification. Most other multi-site scripts will work properly, thanks!


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WordPress MU

Hi Rochen Team,

following this post, I'd like to know if is it possible to use WordPress MU with sub-domains policy.

I've installed WordPress MU into my root folder, I've activated the wildcard subdomain BUT I'm not able to access to my WordPress sub-site.

Please, could you provide me any information that could help me ?

Thanks in advance.



Hello Pietro,

Sorry that we missed you here! I believe we've already responded to a ticket for you on this but, just to recap here, this wouldn't be possible on our shared hosting platform. However it is something we could assist you with on a dedicated Solution, such as a Managed Cloud Server: https://www.rochen.com/managed/cloud/

Thank you!
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